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GSK's Augmentin Leads as India's Premier Antibiotic: A Deep Dive into the Nation's Top Prescription Drug
Posted by Finnegan O'Connell

In a recent revelation by PharmaTrac, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)'s flagship antibiotic, Augmentin, has been crowned as the number one drug brand in India. This accolade is not merely about numbers but is a testament to the trust and reliability bestowed upon Augmentin by healthcare professionals across the nation. With an astounding sales figure reaching Rs 801 crore between November 2022 and 2023, alongside a Moving Annual Total (MAT) growth rate of 12.3 percent, Augmentin's dominance in the Indian pharmaceutical market is undeniable. This article aims to dissect the components of Augmentin’s success, examining the reasons behind its widespread use and its implications for the healthcare industry in India.